Starting your own business is very exciting!

    There is nothing quite like creating wealth with your own efforts in your own business.  The fact that you are here makes me smile because now I know you are a willing student who has taken some action to improve your financial life.
     There is so much to show you.  I really have to resist throwing it all at you at one time.  You must think about this "startup" as a foundation.  Sure, you can jump ahead, skip around or only do the "fun" stuff but it will catch up with you.  You see, most people cut corners, racing toward making their first few dollars.  Then they lose interest and eventually give up.  Sometimes by shear luck, they hit a winner and have the potential to ride a huge wave of incoming cash.  But because they skipped the basics, they weren't prepared to handle "real business" and they get swept away.  Even if you only want an extra thousand or two every month, you have to be very careful because a big opportunity may change your mind and if your business doesn't have a solid foundation, you will be kicking yourself for a very long time.
    Please don't mistake my simple step-by-step approach as trivial.  You can move along at your own pace.  If you have extra time on your hands every week, there will always be more to learn.  If you already have money and you just want a change of scenery, that is great.  But I'm structuring this start-up path to be as inexpensive as possible (starting at "free").
     One final warning before we begin.  STAY FOCUSSED!  You will be so tempted to download free books, software and seminars.  Please don't.  If you start, you will soon be buried in information.  You will be so distracted that your business may never take off.  If you do this right, people will be coming to you, with wallets wide open, asking for your advice.

Rick Perkins                    LET'S GET STARTED


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